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Two Be a Toddler

Two scurry about without
rhyme or reason;
Two have personality
newfound like the Seasons.

Two be witty, funny
and perform on cue;
Two enjoy your life as if
brand new.

Two live and be loved
he gives big hugs;
Two be proud as can be
yet not reflux free.

Two smile with joy
at that brand new toy;
Two watch video tapes
but finds no escape.

Two harbour his reflux
so deep inside;
Two live with pain is
his only pride.

Two life and two hope
he continues to grow;
Two life and to hope
for he only knows.

Two have zest for life
like never before;
Two have zest for life
of which he is sure.

Two be a toddler
Two be my son;
We are just beginning
to have some fun!

Jeffrey's Second Birthday
Written December 17, 2000

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