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~ A Day in my Life ~

transp.gif A day in my life you ask. "What kind of day?" is what I think of first .. a long day, short day, rough day, easy day? A day I say is 24 hrs long. It consists of a sunrise, breakfast, lunch, dinner and sunset. The sun surely rises at the dawn of the day and promptly fades away as the nighttime approaches with twinkling stars and faded clouds.

But, regarding A Day in My Life...what I can tell you is this, my friends~

A reflux baby puts demand upon not only yourself and your family but on the baby himself! Demands of physical and emotional challenges you never dreamed you'd encounter, lack of sleep, baby constantly crying, taking on the baby's pain and trying to process it, doing laundry as the smell of vomit emits into the air, remembering to administer the meds, hoping for a reasonably good day so you can "maybe" get to go out, getting siblings off to school, well care and sick care apts., picking up siblings from school, feeding bottles, cleaning bottles, going food shopping, cleaning the house, trying to pick up the phone to speak with a friend only to never get to dial the # because baby needs you, eating your lunch @ 3:00PM, making dinner, cleaning kitchen, bathing baby & siblings, doing homework, talking w/siblings, bedtime routines (LOL) and maybe, getting onto the Reflux Bulletin Board for support for 15 mins before somebody needs me, AGAIN!! {{ugh}}. This is my typical day, let alone when do I bathe, put on my makeup, or comb my hair!?

A Day in My Life started the instant I conceived Jeffrey with the wonder and amazement of having my perfect baby in 9 long months to come! I had a perfect vision of this, my 4th and final baby and how things would be! Well, when he developed the reflux at 2 wks old did that bubble burst and what was perception then, became reality as I know it today.

Accepting that the baby who popped out would not be so cuddly and free of gas, colic, and reflux, was the hardest part to accept. My fantasy bubble burst by constant holding, soothing, rocking and plenty of laundry and Dr visits burdened with immense worry and concern (that was valid). But, he is still my "perfect prince". A Day in My Life changed when I had to adapt myself to his reflux to accept he was not a "flexible flyer" like his siblings and needed added attention incorporated into an already hectic lifestyle with three other children aged 14mos, 8 & 6 yrs old. He needed this additional attention aimed to ease his pain ... which was, in fact, also my pain.

And so it goes ... A Day in My Life is a day I cherish to the most, hold close to my heart and want to remember for the rest of my life. A day is so short; we have so many days in a year to make memories together that this is only Jeffrey's beginning. A beginning of a lifetime for making memories day by day, week by week, year by year.

Sooooo, a Day in My Life isn't really anything more than an average day, I suppose, but merely a memory in the making to cherish forever!

Written 6/99 (Jeffrey was 6 mos old)

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