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Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers
Jumper with Gingham Blouse &
Floral Wicker Basket!

Item # 1239

A sunrise; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Long Sleeve Gingham Print Cotton Blouse
Offsets this beautiful floral jumper
with pink gingham covered buttons where
the straps meet the jumper.

FLOWER BASKET INCLUDED for that special touch!
Pictured here is the jumper outfit with matching
pantyhose and dress shoes.

Fine attn to detail. Full skirt,
and delicate floral fabric, makes
this a very special jumper set.

Back Velcro closures on blouse and
jumper for easy on and off!

A wonderful addition to
your doll clothing wardrobe.

Please note, doll, pantyhose & shoes are not included. Pantyhose
and dress shoes sold separately on Accessory Page!

PRICE: $19.95

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