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~ Taking Away Baby's Pain ~

Philosophical Thoughts on
Being a Reflux Mom

We Mom's, I am convinced, are made of the stuff to take on our baby's pain and process it daily .. then go to bed and awaken the next AM ready to take on yet, another painful day ..
we guide ourselves on the hope that maybe tomorrow will be better. But, today we are making memories together with our babies and that is all that matters

I know it sounds philosophical, but it is truly how I feel.. Seize the Day .. Capture the Moment .. find something to laugh about even though it's tough to smile with such burdensome worries that are so abundent..but we have to take each day at a time and our babies know just how much we love them... they know it...I truly believe this.

I guess it does get a bit easier .. there is no magical answer in anyone's crystal ball as to when, so don't hang any hopes on a Dr who give you a magical answer that it will go away in 6 mos, 9 mos or a year ... just close your eyes at night and feel good knowing that you and your baby will have each other tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and that reflux will incorporate a "normal" day in a very different way than you or I had imagined the instant we gave birth.

Written 7/17/99

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