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~ * ~MOTHER'S DAY, May 2003 .........the STRENGTH OF OUR CHILDREN ~*~
. | .

Our children are strong.  

I believe that our children are and will be very special as they continue to grow up because they have pulled from OUR STRENGTH as their Mother.

We are very strong ... we are Mothers.

And, we have been CHOSEN to be their Mother because we are very special and have the strength to conquer everything.

As our children grow into adolescents and become adults, I am certain they will draw from this experience and enable themselves to handle what life throws their way.

They will have control of situations and themselves in a finer way because they have learned at such a young age how to control themselves while living in pain.

This is not medically sound knowledge at all; just my feelings as having gone through with my children various reflux, allergy, arthritis and asthma issues for many years. 

I can only hope that your children will become empowered by their health issues at some point in their life and be better prepared in life than most because of their current experience.  

They will incorporate their health issues into the realm of a "normal" childhood for these issues shall never hold them back as long as we, their Mothers, never lose hope and demonstrate these qualities of acceptance as they grow and prosper.

This premise has helped me cope with the pain I have seen my children deal with, and also helped me process my own pain.  They've moved on in life and have learned exceptional coping skills dealing with their health issues, while I as their Mother have learned to move forward right along with them.

Taking control and empowerment is a very important part of acceptance; not only for our children but ourselves .. with acceptance we move on to higher levels of achievement both physically and emotionally in everyday aspects of life.

My motto as quoted by my daughter's allergist is as follows

----> Never lose site of hope; if we lose site of hope there is no chance for optimism <--

Happy Mother's Day to an extraordinary group of people who are reading my website.       

I mean it from the bottom of my heart.  

We are very special, very dedicated and most of all, we are Mothers in every sense of the word.

The word "Mother" is something to rejoice about not just today but everyday. 

~ What an honor it is to be called Mommy ~

This is what Mother's Day is all about.


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